The Definitive Book About Haflingers in North America

Haflinger Horses in North America and the People Who Belong To Them is the complete history of the breed from arrival on North American shores in 1958 through the decades to 1999.

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Haflinger Book

With unprecedented access to people, photos, records, and correspondence, author Beatrice L. Wallace has created a book that is loved by Haflinger owners around the world. Published privately, the book is available directly from the author.

  • Meticulously researched and documented – breeding and registry records included!
  • 10 chapters with more than 300 pages and 400 color photographs
  • Learn the story of how Tempel Smith brought these blonde beauties from the Austrian Alps to the United States in 1958.
  • Meet owners and breeders across North America.
  • An absolute must for every Haflinger owner!
  • Buy the book directly from the author.