Table of Contents

Haflinger Horses in North America and The People Who Belong To Them 1958 to 1999 is a meticulously researched book with more than 300 pages and 150 color photographs. Here’s a glimpse at the table of contents:




Chapter One: Haflingers in Europe – An Overview.

Chapter Two: Haflingers Are Coming To America.

Chapter Three: Tempel Farms – includes the arrival of Haflingers from Austria, registration and  identification of Tempel Farms Haflingers, a chart of Tempel Farms Haflingers, favored stallions, and more.

Chapter Four: Other Early Importations.

Chapter Five: Haflinger Breed from 1970-1979 – includes buyers at Tempel Farms, information about others who owned Haflingers in the 1970s, and a spotlight on two owners.

Chapter Six: Haflinger Breed from 1980 through 1989 – includes information about the last private sales at Tempel Farms, the Tempel Farms dispersal, and other owners throughout the 1980s.

Chapter Seven: Haflinger Breed from 1990 through 1999.

Chapter Eight: Haflinger Information of Interest – includes Colorado Haflingers, twins, and record accuracy.

Chapter Nine: Haflinger Related Activities – includes information about shows, sales, promotional groups, and publications.

Chapter Ten: Registries – includes pre-registry history, the Haflinger Association of America, Canadian Haflinger Association, Haflinger Registry of North America, Haflinger Breeders Organization, American Haflinger Registry, and Haflinger Breeders Organization Appendix.



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